Should you rebrand?

Is your Salon growing?

It’s an unfortunate fact that hair and beauty startups rarely have sufficient budget to invest in their visual identity. Often cheap seems the most appealing option.

Your branding is a visual first impression and poor branding is likely to have turned away a considerable amount of potential clients. As you grow you should consider rebranding to better reflect professionalism and your growing salon and online presence.

Is your client base decreasing?

Is potential or existing clients going to rival salon? What is your visual identity saying about your salon? Your visual identity is the first impression you make to your chosen market, it is entirely possible that poor branding could be letting you down.

Does your branding reflect your salon’s personality?

It’s so important that your image reflects your brand’s unique personality, does it reflect who you are? If this is not the case it may be time to consider a rebrand!

Are you attracting the right clients?

If attracting custom from the wrong market it is likely that your branding is the problem. It may be wise to consider a rebrand to make sure you’re appealing visually to type of client you want walking through your salon doors!

Change of leadership

Are you under new management? Has your brand philosophy changed? It would be wise to consider rebranding to reflect these ideals.

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Display your work in a bold & confident manner. Sometimes it’s easy for your creativity to stand out from the crowd.