The Collective

The Collective

The Collective – Ireland

Brand identity design for The Collective, Hairdressers, Ireland

The Collective had 3 salons under the name Lloyds. They planned to combine two of the salons and have another in a neighbouring county.

With this in mind they decided it was time for renaming and rebranding to better suit the expansion of the brand

“We have very much so a glam decor yet we like to get across a fun playful personality in our advertising and marketing material, all the while remaining someway professional. Our clients vary very much so from granny and elder clients to those in their early 20’s so we really cater for all client demographics.

With the combining of the 2 salons, we have decided it is now time to rebrand and relaunch ourselves, as this is something that has been playing in the back of our minds for quiet some time, and the timing is now right. The name we have chosen is “The Collective” we plan on keeping the original name Lloyds in there as well, as we do plan to scale and team up with other salons in the future, so at the moment the salons we currently own will be called ” The Collective by Lloyds” and possibly down the line if we purchase any additional salons we will keep the original name but just be adding ” The Collective by (Original Salon Name)”


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