Pink Sugar

Pink Sugar


Brand identity design for Pink Sugar, Ireland

Brand personality…PINK!?

PinkSugar’s personality is young fun and chilled “At PinkSugar we are misfits; from shy and timid to wild and tattooed head to to toe!

What makes us different is our approach to our clients we are completely open minded and non judgmental of anyone. Our creativity is infectious, our days in the salon, whilst been professional,are full of fun and laughter and clients don’t want to leave after service is finished.”

PINKSUGAR are here to help clients to love themselves and enjoy their salon as an experience rather than just a haircut.

They are an infectious happy place – great vibes, love and laughter and obviously great hair. They value kindness, selfcare, and happiness and the new brand identity needed to convey this to their audience

They wanted to create a brand that appears fresh, cool and not the normal in and out salon.


Display your work in a bold & confident manner. Sometimes it’s easy for your creativity to stand out from the crowd.