Brandon May

Brandon May

Brandon May, Manchester

Brief: To create a brand identity and brand guidelines that reflected Brandon May’s chic art deco / morroccan inspired salon environment.

What do you do and how do you it?
Clients become friends because we’re open, we offer great hair and this is because we care and consistently educate our team to be the best at what they do (not just for the hair side but also the emotional side, too).

Why are you here?
We care about you feeling great!

Who are you here for?
We’re here for our clients and ourselves. We get a kick out of creating fabulous hair and building relationships.

What do you value the most?
Everybody feeling comfortable to express themselves: them feeling great and confident and relaxed in our company and outside of the salon is so crucial to what we do.

What makes you different?
I think the fact that we are so big on making sure the Client experience is so great by creating a fab atmosphere, educating ourselves and also we’re gender neutral which means everyone is treated fairly!

Who do you admire
I admire people who want to fight for what’s right. People like Sophia Hilton. Women and men who are not feeding into the kardashian culture of shallow. Positive people who are happy to see people exceed in life (in every sense) and are actively encouraging it! The feminism movement and people who support that! Did you want more specific people?

Angela mason extensions (great fit out and beautiful hair), Macleod Bradley is also local to us too.


Display your work in a bold & confident manner. Sometimes it’s easy for your creativity to stand out from the crowd.